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Best camping books

April 25, 2017 / no comments, on Camping

One of the most popular American ways to pastimes and a popular way for families and friends to bond is going camping.Before getting started to going camping, it is a good idea for future campers to purchase best camping books which will help them pick up essential camping supplies and plan their trip.

Best camping books

Best camping books

Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness SurvivalThis book is Written by survivalist expert Dave Canterbury, Bushcraft 101 gets you ready for your next backcountry trip with many expert advice on making the most of your time camping.By reading this book, you’ll also discover detailed information on:

  • Choosing the right items for your kit.
  • Manufacturing needed tools and supplies.
  • Collecting and cooking food.
  • Protecting yourself from the elements.


Camping & Survival: The Ultimate Outdoors Book

Camping & Survival: The Ultimate Outdoors BookThis book helps you gather and use skills required to safely enjoy the camping. You will find details on how to hike/travel, in the summer and winter, “build a camp”, choose suitable camping tools and equipment, and understand your camping environment. You will learn how to search for food and water, find shelter, “read” the weather, and how to take care of yourself if you are injured (First Aid). Interesting topics about tracking, camouflage, dangerous wild animals, birds, fish, edible plants, poisonous mushrooms, and basic survival techniques are also covered on this book.


Curious George Goes Camping

Curious George Goes CampingCurious George Goes Camping is an entertaining story of the Great Outdoor camping based on H. A. and Margret Rey’s popular primate and painted in the original watercolor and charcoal style.

When the man with the yellow hat takes George camping, George is very excited. There is so much to do at the campsite— building a tent, gathering water, meeting fellow campers.


The Ultimate Survival Manual (Outdoor Life): 333 Skills that Will Get You Out Alive

The Ultimate Survival Manual (Outdoor Life): 333 Skills that Will Get You Out AliveThis book is the one for you need if you want to protect your family, save yourself, and prevail over any danger.This book is your Go-To Guide for Surviving Anything.Whether you’re lost in the woods, facing an armed insurrection, or preparing for a hurricane, this book help you to learn survive on those typical situation.


National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States

National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States-best-camping-booksNational Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States” was published by the National Geographic Society, one of the authorities in nature and natural science of the United States. Every year, they published  a new edition that is packed with lots of knowledge and useful tips on camping in the National Parks, from when and where to plan a trip to traveling with families and pets.

This book has all 59 national parks for valuable on-the-ground research. 300 beautiful images and 80 colorful maps.Practical and comprehensive coverage includes engaging and individual park descriptions and brief history,camping planning tips, itineraries and directions, activities, park lodges and hotels,parks center contact information etc.


Guide to Free Campgrounds: Includes Campgrounds $12 and Under in the United States

Guide to Free Campgrounds-best camping books

The bookGuide to Free Campgroundsis a guidebook of all US campgrounds with overnight camping fees of $12 or less, including thousands that are free. This book will pay for itself the first time it is used. It includes nearly 12,000 campgrounds that include national parks, national forests, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Corps of Engineers, state parks and forests, wildlife areas, small mom-and-pop campgrounds, and thousands of city and county parks with camping.




SAS Survival Guide 2E (Collins Gem): For any climate, for any situation

SAS Survival Guide 2EThe bookSAS Survival Guide 2E is the best book of the world’s preeminent survival guide, covering everything from basic first aid and campcraft to strategies for coping with any type of disaster. This handbook is best for outdoor skills and preparedness, this new edition—expanded by renowned survival expert John “Lofty” Wiseman to include information on all of the latest navigation and survival technology—is a must-have for all campers, hikers, boaters, and adventurers.



Ken Burns: The National Parks – Americas Best Idea

The National Parks: America’s Best IdeaThe documentary “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” is a six-part, 12-hour documentary series by Ken Burns and his longtime colleague Dayton Duncan on the history of America’s national parks.For learning and understanding about US National parks this documentary help you a lot whether you are  rich or poor, famous or unknown, soldiers or scientists, natives or newcomers, idealists, artists and entrepreneurs







100 Easy Camping Recipes

100 Easy Camping RecipesPreparing quick meals on camping trips is easy if you have the right recipes and ingredients.This book help you preparing quick meals on camping trips Just wait until you get any of the 100 recipes in this cookbook cooking over an open flame. Camp cooking has never been easier or tastier. Complete Table of Contents and each recipe is on a separate page for your help.




Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass

Finding Your Way Without Map or CompassDuring his remarkable lifetime, Harold Gatty became one of the world’s great navigators (in 1931, he and Wiley Post flew around the world in a record-breaking eight days) and, to the benefit of posterity, recorded in this book much of his accumulated knowledge about pathfinding both on land and at sea.

By observing birds and other animals, weather patterns, vegetation, shifting sands, patterns of snow fields, and the positions of the sun, moon, and stars, would-be explorers can learn to estimate distances and find their way without having to rely on a map or a compass.

The wealth of valuable data and advice in this volume — much of it unavailable elsewhere — makes it indispensable for hikers, bikers, scouts, sailors, and campers — all those who might find themselves stranded or lost in an unfamiliar area. Through careful study of this book and its lessons, pathfinders can learn to interpret signs in the natural world to find their way in almost any kind of situation.

Living Ready Pocket Manual

best camping bookWhether you are miles from help or immersed in an urban disaster situation, every second counts during a medical emergency. This book will help you take quick, effective action to stabilize the situation.

The easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction in this book will help you prevent or respond to:

  • Dehydration
  • Hypothermia, frostbite and heatstroke
  • Skin wounds including burns, cuts, bites and gunshots
  • Anaphylaxis, allergic reactions and rashes
  • Broken bones and injured joints

Plus you’ll find detailed packing lists for survival first aid kits of all sizes. This pocket-sized manual is perfect for packing in first aid kits, bug out bags, day-hiking packs and vehicle kits. Medical emergencies are unplanned and unpredictable, but you can be prepared. Arm yourself with knowledge that can save a life.

How to Find Book on Camping on Amazon

There are several ways to search for these best camping books on Amazon. The first and most popular way to search is by title and the second way is by author. Some people prefer this method because they like to see what other books the author has published. The third and final way to search is by the International Standard Book Number or ISBN.

Each book has its own number, similar to a serial number. Some books, like the National Geographic books, come out with new editions each year so searching by ISBN insures that a person is looking at the exact version or edition that they want to purchase. These options only work if buyers already know the specific guide or author whose book they want to purchase.

Buyers who want to do a little more searching before they make their decision should keep in mind that there may be guides available that feature the campsite they have chosen. Buyers who know where they are headed should search for that site first.


Camping is one of the most popular family vacation ideas and whether campers are heading out into the campgrounds on a budget or they are making their way into a camping with a fully-loaded RV,One of these best camping books can help them be certain that they have everything they need for their next adventure and provide a great resource to help any family plan their next camping trip. Purchasing your camping books and camping supplies on Amazon can offer you discounted prices and convenience.