Homemade Survival Weapons: How to Create Basic Weapons for Self-Defense: (Self-Defense, Survival Gear)

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Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Homemade Survival Weapons

How to Create Basic Weapons for Self-Defense

Welcome to Homemade Survival Weapons: How to Create Basic Weapons, a guide on how to make weapons in the need for survival inside of your house. In this book, we go over the principles of each of the basic weapons we know of from the past including how to make a sword and the differences between that sword and a kitchen knife. Not only will this guide show you how to make several weapons of your own, but it also teaches the principles about why they are built that way so that you can craft emergency weapons that will only work for that emergency.

In the first chapter, we go over the reasoning behind making the weapon, such as:

  • Sometimes people don’t think about how the law can be used against them if the intruder tries to sue them.
  • Some weapon crafts are not ideal for those of us who have children and may think about their protection only in the aspect of being there physically, but what if the children need protection from themselves.
  • The viability of a weapon in a specific scenario: the closet.

After we make sure that your intentions on making a specific type of weapon are clear, we go over the many types of weapons there are. “Pointed Weapons” is the second chapter which we show you how to make a full tang blade if you want to make among other common types of blades so that you can craft them or buy them if you feel that it makes more sense. Then we go over Blunt weapons and Bracing weapons, in which blunt weapons are broken down into two types and we show you how to make a bracing weapon like Brass Knuckles without the Brass.

In the remain chapters, we go over such things as:

  • Spears
  • Primitive Bows
  • Arrows

In which we explain to you how each one is made so that you can craft your own. The purpose of the book isn’t to provide you with blueprints on how to make a single type of the weapon. It is about laying out how these weapons are commonly made so that you can make your own version as needed because survival isn’t about how finely crafted a sword is. It’s about how fast you can craft an immediate weapon so you can defend yourself if that sword is somewhere else in the house and all you’ve got is as a mop, garden shovel, and duck tape or some other combination.

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